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Lake Havasu Minor in Consumption of Alcohol Attorney

Underage Drinking in Lake Havasu

For decades, Lake Havasu has been the town young people flock to for Spring Break and summer festivals.  While most cities throughout the Country may take the position that kids will be kids, and will not enforce underage drinking penalties so long as the kids are behaving, Lake Havasu has definitely not adopted this belief.

During the busy weekends, Mohave County Sheriff's and the Arizona Game and Fish Departments are patrolling for all alcohol related offenses – DUI, Boating DUI and Underage Drinking.  While not always, a majority of the time, parents hire our office to represent their child.  Hiring a lawyer to assist with this process is a wise decision. Without a lawyer, once a person commits to a resolution with the Lake Havasu Court, more often than not, a guilty plea cannot be reversed.  You only have one chance to handle this case properly. Investing in a lawyer to ensure your case is properly handled, your rights are protected, and you are receiving the best possible outcome is the smartest step you can take in this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Minor in Consumption of Alcohol & Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Q: What are the Laws for Underage Drinking?

A: Minor in Consumption and Minor in Possession of Alcohol Laws can be found in

Minor in Possession is subsection 9 and Minor in Consumption is Subsection 41

Q: I live out of State, do I have to travel back to Lake Havasu for court?

A: Our attorneys will be able to motion the court for you to attend virtually. While we cannot guarantee our motion will be granted, since Covid the Court has granted many of our motions.

Q: The Police Didn't Breathalyze or conduct field sobriety tests.

A: For underage drinking, the police do not have to administer a breathalyzer or field sobriety tests. If they smell the odor of alcohol and observe signs and symptoms consistent with consumption, they can issue a citation or arrest for underage drinking.

Q: My Miranda Rights weren't read to me. Does this mean my case get dismissed?

A: Miranda is a lot more complicate than non-lawyers believe it to be. In fact, a significant amount of a semester in law school is dedicated to understanding Miranda Rights. Miranda Rights only have to read once someone is under arrest and being interrogated. More often than not, there is not a Miranda Violation. Our attorneys, however, will still research this issue.

Q: Is there any way I can have my charge dismissed?

A: When hired, our attorneys will do an extremely thorough investigation of your case.  Ideally, we will find a legal issue that may result in a case dismissal.  If we are unable to identify a legal issue, we will negotiate a resolution with the prosecutor that may result in your case being dismissed upon successfully completing alcohol education courses, paying a small fine and staying law abiding for a certain amount of time.

The Convenient Way of Hiring a Lawyer

Our consultations are held over the phone, free of charge. We will spend as much time as necessary learning about your case and educating you on the route we can take to best help you. If you decide to hire our office, we can process a payment remotely for you, have your file set up the same day we are hired (if hired during the week) and will email copies of our work product to you.  During the course of our representation, we will keep you well informed and welcome as many questions or concerns you may have along the way.

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