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Porch Pirate Arrested in Lake Havasu

Posted by Matt Lopez | Aug 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

Porch Pirate Arrested in Lake Havasu

A man was arrested in Lake Havasu for stealing a package from another's doorstep. Police were called to the incident, the homeowner showed them video of the theft and the police were able to locate the suspect. When he was arrested, he gave the police a fake name, and the police found fentanyl and burnt residue on the suspect, consistent with consuming drugs.  

This man is now facing misdemeanor charges of theft, providing false information to the police, possession of paraphernalia, and possibly felony charges for the fentanyl.  The main point of this article is theft of the package. We routinely are hired by clients who have shoplifted from stores within Lake Havasu.  The demographic that hire us for shoplifting cases is not who you would think. Most of our clients have no prior criminal history, are middle aged and may have stolen just for the rush.  It's our job as their attorney to present mitigating factors to show the prosecutors why this was a one time mistake that will never happen again. Demonstrate that are clients are good people who are remorseful for their actions.  For our shoplifting clients, it's always a good idea to reimburse the store for right away for whatever they were accused of stealing. Even if the store received the items back, the court will make you pay for the items.  Shoplifting and stealing are criminal charges that you absolutely do not want on your record. If convicted, every time you apply for a job, your potential employer will see your criminal history. They will automatically assume you are a dishonest person. 

Don't let a theft or shoplifting charge ruin your future employment opportunities. Our attorneys realize good people make mistakes and we are great at providing our clients with phenomenal outcomes. 

You can read the full article here

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