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Mohave County Sheriff Deputy Arrested For Sexual Conduct With a Minor

Posted by Matt Lopez | Sep 02, 2021 | 0 Comments

Mohave County Sheriff Deputy Arrested For Sexual Conduct With a Minor

Former Mohave County Sheriff's Office Deputy Andrew Sundberg, has been arrested for Sexual Conduct with a minor. Mr. Sundberg was at a house party in June 2021, when he allegedly sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl.  On Tuesday, Mr. Sundberg admitted to police that he had been drinking with the girl and committed sexual acts on her. The article did not go into detail of the allegations or state the girl's name.  Victims have certain rights and their names are rarely reported. When the victim is a minor, their names are never reported.

My office represents several clients per year for sex cases.  Sexual Conduct With a Minor is governed by A.R.S. 13-1405. As it stands right now, because the victim was 15, Mr. Sundberg is being charged with at least one class 6 felony. Had the victim been under 15, Mr. Sundberg would be facing a class 2 felony and up 27 years in prison.  Because Mr. Sundberg is facing a class 6 (at least that's what I believe he's facing, unless he was found to be in a position of power), he's facing up to 2 years in prison with sex offender registration when he's released.  Assuming Mr. Sundberg was arrested on Tuesday, he would would have seen a judge within 24 hours of his initial appearance.  At the initial appearance, the judge would have read the charges he's facing and set a bond.  If the judge does set a bond, the bond for sexual conduct with a minor is usually in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. 

When we have clients arrested for charges like this, the police usually receive a search warrant for all their electronic devices.  The police say they want to search the device for communication between the accused and the victim. While this may be the case, the police are using this as an opportunity to search for child porn.  Most of the time, they are successful and my client is now facing even more serious charges.

As I write this, I am unaware of Mr. Sundberg's bond and his next court date.  I do know, however, that if he admitted to the acts, he's in a significant amount of trouble.  This man needs to hire a lawyer immediately. I'm always confused when people call my office for serious offenses and say that hiring a lawyer is too expensive.  When you are facing charges that could put you into prison for decades, if not the rest of your life, you shouldn't be concerned with money. You need to borrow against your house, take at a loan, sell your car, etc. You need to hire a lawyer ASAP. This should be your top priority - saving money should not be your concern. You need a lawyer who is going to save your life.

The full article as reported by ABC 15 can be found here

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