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Man Assaults Weather Reporter on Live TV

Posted by Matt Lopez | Sep 01, 2021 | 0 Comments

Man Assaults Weather Reporter on Live TV

Weather reporter Shaquille Brewster was broadcasting in Mississippi when he was assaulted by Benjamin Eugene.  From my viewing of the video, Mr. Brewster did not do anything to provoke the attack.  Mr. Eugene has been arrested for several charges, including one count of assault.  While assaulting a news reporter on live TV is not common, it is common for us to represent clients in Lake Havasu for Assault, including Domestic Violence Assault.  As I write this, we're two days away from Labor Day weekend, the bars in Lake Havasu and Parker are going to be packed this weekend.  When people are drinking and in tight environments, fights tend to break out. When the police arrive, they routinely make snap decisions about who was at fault without carefully assessing the situation.

When you have an attorney, we have the ability to carefully understand your side of the story. We can interview witnesses, get witnesses statements and show the prosecutor you weren't the aggressor. I highly doubt the the news reporter did anything to warrant the attack. Unfortunately for Mr. Eugene this was all caught on camera. While he may not have a legal defense, this may be a situation where it's important for a person to hire a lawyer to provide the judge with substantial mitigation to reduce a sentence. There are even times when a defense attorney can file what's called a Rule 11 Motion, requesting that the Judge find the defendant not mentally capable of standing trial. If the judge grants a Rule 11 motion, the case may get dismissed. In any event, when you have a lawyer, you have many different options on how to receive a dismissal or sentence reduction.

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