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Henderson, NV Police Officer Arrested for His Second DUI

Posted by Matt Lopez | Aug 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

Henderson, NV Police Officer Arrested for His Second DUI

A Henderson, NV police officer got into a fight with his girlfriend outside of a bar. The bouncer got between the two, separate them and escorted the man to his car.  A police officer saw him get into the car.  Different police officers later responded to his house for a welfare check. When they responded, they noticed signs and symptoms of alcohol consumption as well as vomit on the man.  They proceeded to investigate a DUI and arrested the man.

I have so many questions about this case. First, why did the police officer outside of the bar allow the man to drive off? Second, why didn't a police officer follow up him after he left the bar? Finally, how will the State be able to get a DUI conviction if there's no evidence the officers who arrested for the DUI ever saw him driving?

About half of our DUI cases were the result of some argument with a significant other.  People got home safely, get into an argument and one storms off.  If you get into an argument with your significant other after drinking, don't leave, stay at home. If you leave, you'll probably start texting them. Texting will cause you to swerve and the police will then have reason to stop you for a DUI.

This police officer arrested for a DUI needs to hire a lawyer. Based on the article, the State has a weak case. If I were his lawyer, not only would I be attacking the driving issue, I would create some form of doubt by arguing he didn't have any alcohol in his system when he was allegedly driving and consumed all the alcohol after he arrived at home safely.  If I practiced in Nevada, I would love to roll my sleeves up on this case.

You can read the full article here

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