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Understanding Arizona Domestic Violence Charges

In Arizona, there is not a specific Domestic Violence charge.  Instead, Domestic Violence is considered a designation to several different criminal charges. What triggers a Domestic Violence designation is the relationship a person has with the "victim."  If the accused and the victim are involved in any of the following relationships, the accused will be facing a domestic violence designation to their criminal charge: spouse, ex-spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, roommate, parent-child, sibling. 

We understand that family relationships can be complicated. It's not uncommon for people to get into arguments in the heat of passion. It's also extremely common for facts to be blown out of proportion.  The issue with Domestic Violence, however, is the the consequences are extreme. If you are convicted, you will forever have a Domestic Violence criminal record. This will make future employment, possessing firearms, and renting property extremely difficult, if not impossible. Do not attempt to handle a Domestic Violence charge on your own - there is too much on the line. 

Types of Charges Associated with Domestic Violence. 

More often than not, the Domestic Violence cases we handle do not involve the traditional facts people think of when they hear "Domestic Violence."  When people hear this charge, they automatically think of some form of violence or aggressive touching, such as pushing, slapping or punching.  While we do handle the traditional type of Domestic Violence cases, most of the people who call our office are facing a domestic violence after some form of domestic disturbance. The following types of criminal charges often have Domestic Violence designations associated with them:

If The "Victim" Wants to Drop Charges

When we people call our office, they routinely tell us that the "victim" doesn't want to press charges. This is usually because the dispute was a one time argument that may have involved alcohol. The parties have since made up. The problem is, the Prosecutor's Office hears this all the time.  They will not drop charges just because the victim no longer wants to aid in prosecution.  

Why You Should Fight Your Domestic Violence Case

A Domestic Violence conviction will have lasting effects. When the conviction is revealed on a background check, people will automatically assume the worst. The attorneys at Matthew Lopez Law have handled hundreds, if not thousands of Domestic Violence cases.  We are extremely good at investigating the facts to determine whether this is a false accusation, the allegations were blown out of proportion, or whether the "victim" lacks credibility.  

Start Fighting Your Case

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