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There is a reason why Matthew Lopez Law is rated one of the top law firms in Arizona, we take the time to listen to our clients, we carefully investigate the evidence of the case, and we apply our years of experience in an effort to get get cases dismissed or reduced.  Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you need a lawyer who will take your case seriously.  Our attorneys understand that a criminal conviction will forever affect your life.  We take great pride in knowing that our clients have entrusted us to handle their case. From the first day we are hired, we will begin gathering the evidence the State will be using against you.  Everything we do on cases is shared with clients so they are well informed of our approach.  We will carefully walk you through every step of the legal process and explore every conceivable avenue of your case.  When you hire Matthew Lopez Law, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled by an exceptional law firm who is truly looking out for your best interest.

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Our attorneys have handled thousands of cases. We are extremely experienced with the Lake Havasu Municipal Court, Lake Havasu Justice Court, and Mohave County Superior Court. One of the many benefits you will receive when working with our firm is that we have a full team of support staff and attorneys.  This means we can dedicate significant resources to ensure your case is being handled appropriately and that you are receiving a level of customer services that exceeds any other law firm in Arizona. While we handle all types of misdemeanor and felony cases, some of the more common cases we handle are:

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Q: What's going to happen at my first court date?

A. If you're being charged with a misdemeanor, your first court date is called an Arraignment.  At the arraignment, the judge will read the charges you are facing and ask if you are pleading guilty or not guilty. The judge will not hear your side of the story, will not go into detail in your case, they will simply just accept a guilty or not guilty plea. If you plead guilty, you will immediately be sentenced. There will be no getting out of the punishment if you plead guilty at your arraignment.  If the judge sentences you to jail, you will have to serve jail time. 

When you have a private lawyer, we are expected to automatically plead you not guilty in a legal document. By doing this, your first hearing doesn't take place. It automatically gets reset to another type of court appearance. 

Q: When will I get to tell my side of the story

A: When we plead you not guilty, the judge will set your case for a Pre-Trial Conference. Lake Havasu's policy for pre-trial conferences is different than any other court in Arizona.  For private attorneys, the pretrial conferences are held over the phone. This means, the judge trusts that sometime before the resolution of the case (what Havasu calls the Judgement and Sentencing Hearing), the prosecutor (the State's attorney) and Defense Attorney will have several discussions about the resolution of your case.  During these meetings, we'll be able to fully explain your side of the story.

Q: What happens if I don't live in Lake Havasu?

A: For private attorneys, since Covid, Lake Havasu Court has been a little more understanding about clients who live out of state.  We will be able to file a motion with the court to allow you to appear remotely.  Please note, a legal motion must be filed. Without having a lawyer, you will most likely not be able to file this motion.

Q: What is your law firm's success rate?

A: This is a question we routinely get.  Unfortunately for criminal defense, all cases are very different. What happens in one case, may not happen in another case. Different people involved, different investigations, different police, etc.  One case cannot be compared to another case.  We tell potential clients that your chances of getting your case dismissed without a lawyer is very close to zero.  With our experienced lawyers, your chances will significantly improve.

Q: How much does a lawyer cost?

A: Our fees all depend on the type of case.  I can assure you that given our level of experience, we offer very affordable rates. We understand that hiring a lawyer is an investment, this is why we also offer flexible payment plans.

Q: How can we get started on my case?

A. We make the hiring process extremely easy. After providing a thorough consultation. We can accept a payment over the phone. We will immediately send you a receipt. If we are hired during office hours (M-F 8-5), we will have your file set up within two hours. If hired on the weekend or after hours, we will have your file set up the following business day.  Everything we do at our office is transparent and handled at the highest level of professionalism. After your file is set up, we will begin filing legal documents with the court. Each document will have our attorney license numbers on them. Our license numbers can be confirmed with the State Bar of Arizona. We will then send copies of our work product to you via email.

Q: I'm being charged with serious felony case or a misdemeanor that's not your website, can you still help?

A: Absolutely, we are one of the largest law firms in Arizona that is exclusively focused on criminal defense representation. We do not practice any other area of law, other than criminal defense. Our lawyers handle cases in every single city in Arizona. More information about criminal defense representation can be found at

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We understand that people need access to legal advice outside of the traditional M-F work schedule.  This is why our office is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss criminal defense cases.  During our free consultation, we will discuss the specifics of your case, address your concerns, and provide a detailed road map of how we can best help you.

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