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Lake Havasu Criminal Damage Laweyer

Lake Havasu Criminal Damage Charges

Criminal Damage charges come from many different set of facts.  Under A.R.S 13-1602 - a person commits Criminal Damage if they reckless or intentionally damage or deface property of another.  Depending on whether the value of the damage exceeds $1,000, a person can be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony.  It is up to our attorneys to demonstrate to the court that our clients either made a mistake that was caused by alcohol, the property was already damaged, or the damage was caused by someone else in the group.  If charged as a misdemeanor, we are exceptional at negotiating resolutions with the court that may prevent you from having a criminal conviction on your record. If charged as a felony, while our ultimate goal is to have your case dismissed, it is our immediate top priority to prevent clients from having a felony conviction on their record

Criminal Damage & Domestic Violence

Most of our Criminal Damage cases come with a Domestic Violence designation.  Clients are generally confused about why they are being charged with criminal damage and what about it makes it domestic violence. Some of the common situations we here is a client breaks a cell phone, damages a wall, breaks a lock, etc.  The frustrations expressed by our clients is the property allegedly broken belongs to them so how can they be charged with criminal damage and why is the charge domestic violence. 

In Arizona, any time a piece of property is damaged around a person that is a roommate, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, child, or parent, the person who allegedly caused the damage will be charged with domestic violence - even if they own the property and even if the property has since been repaired. It doesn't even matter whether the "victim" wants to prosecute.

The Importance Hiring a Lawyer for Lake Havasu Criminal Damage Charges

Lake Havasu, whether it's the Justice or City Court, is hands-down the hardest court in Arizona.  If you are being charged with any form of domestic violence, you need to hire a lawyer. Clients charged with criminal damage usually have other criminal charges, including disorderly conduct or assault.  When you're facing multiple domestic violence charges, there is a good chance the prosecutor will be asking for jail time. Hiring a lawyer means you will be able to fight your case and increase the chances of receiving a better outcome.

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